What Others Are Saying About the Apprenticeship Model


It seems we’re not alone in seeing the benefits…


photo_20732_landscape_650x433 “…rather than send their prospective pastors to seminary for theological training, many successful churches have returned to an apprenticeship model that was popular in the 18th century….This would provide students, and the congregations they would eventually serve, the benefits of both a traditional seminary education and a more deeply felt professional experience.” (For Schools of Theology, It’s Time to Bend Tradition by Katherine M. Douglass and Jason Bruner)


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“I propose first that we dump the academic model once and for all – degrees, accreditation, tenure, the works….The academic machinery is simply incapable of measuring the things that really matter – a man’s obedience to God’s Word, his perseverance in prayer, his self control, his ability to rule without pride, the spiritual power of his preaching in the conversion of men and the edification of the church.” (Proposal for a New Seminary by John M. Frame)

Pyromaniacs Blog “The Biblical model is apprenticeship. Paul apprenticed Timothy, then urged him to do the same for other gifted men (Philippians 2:22; 1 Timothy 4:6; 2 Timothy 1:13; 2:1-2; 3:10-17; cf. Titus 1:5). And so, I think the best model is a pastor leading men under his care in guided studies and instruction in Greek, Hebrew, the Biblical sciences, pastoral ministry, and theology. Which I am assuming (in my ideal world) that the pastor has; as all pastors should.” (To seminary, or not to seminary? by Dan Phillips)

Bob Thune

“The primary place for pastoral training and development should be within the local church. Good, theologically astute elders can guide aspiring leaders through a year or two of seminary-level reading and study without ever removing them from their church body. Rather than paying thousands of dollars for a packaged seminary education, aspiring leaders can get exactly the same level of reading and study (minus the classroom interaction) for free, with the added bonus of mentorship and community with others in their local church.” (Why You Shouldn’t Go to Seminary by Bob Thune)

9Marks “9Marks wants to see more churches and pastors taking responsibility for raising up the next generation of pastors…we asked several organizations closely tied to one or several local churches how they fulfill this mission….” (Churches Raising Up Pastors by Tom Stellar)